Jeremy Clarkson

Now, on the whole, I like Jeremy Clarkson. He has a good sense of humour and although he talks a load of crap sometimes, he is a real entertainer.

The recent bit of comedy he enacts on television is the BT advert where he shows some pennies in his hand and says you can talk for an hour any evening or weekend for five pennies. or is it five and a half pennies. No matter, whatever it is there are those wiser amongst us who can talk for as long as we like, not only during the weekends and evenings, but during the working day as well, for a penny a call!! Register your number with them and all calls within the UK are charged as follows (providing you have a BT line) —

A single connection fee of one penny and then for each minute or part of a minute, 0p. In modern parlance, that is ZILCH!

Overseas calls are low, throughout the world. But these are priced by the minute.

I actually have a friend who won’t go on it because he says there is a catch. And he makes lots of National calls each day! So, what if there is a catch? I’d just stop using them. So far, over the last three months, my bill have been around £3 odd a month. And I am a journalist who works and uses his phone, from home! I do make a lot of calls.

Follow the link below to save money…

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