Keith from Snotsville

A very good friend of mine, Keith – born and bred in Nottingham – tells me they call Nottingham Snotsville amongst friends. This reminds me of a place where I was brought up in South Africa called Stellingbosch. We, as children, used to affectionally refer to it as Smellingbosch or Smelliebosch. 🙂

Anyway, I digress. Keith told me recently that he couldn’t find any attribute to the photographer of the photograph in my profile. This was simply because there was no field for such information.

So this good likeness, and very good photograph, was taken by Keith of Nottingham. I have refrained from giving his full name in case his next door neighbour or office staff take umbrage over the first part of the first paragraph above 🙂

But Keith, if you really want your surname here, ring me and I will add it!!!


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