My new camera

I have always been interested in photography and have, for many years, been a Minolta fan, previously owning a couple of different Dynax* 7 series and even the Dynax* 9. But alas they lost ground when they constantly refused to develop a digital single lens reflex.

However I have just had a 16 page glossy booklet on the new Konica Minolta Dynax 7D-AS. At last they have rejoined the great digital SLR arena.

You may well ask what the AS stands for. Well, I will tell you but, before I do, I must tell you why it is really made for someone like me. I am 65, love good wine and Jack Daniels (I do like Scotch as well but…). People do shake a little more as they get older. This is well enhanced if they partake generously in alcohol.

By now, it may have began to dawn on the more alert amongst you that AS could possibly stand for Anti-Shake. Minolta pionered this, although I believe Canon do have it in some of their more expensive lenses.

Minolta have taken another route. You only have to buy it once. It is built into the camera rather than in the lenses. The Dynax D7 version is good for three stops.

This means that, if I have a 400 mm telephoto lens on the camera, and want to hand hold the shot, I would need the speed to be 1/500th of a second, With Anti-Shake up to three stops available, that would be 1/500th – 1/250th – 1/125th – 1/60th. This would enable me to use it more easily in the darker winter days.

Well, their 16-page glossy A4 brochure arrived this morning and it looks superb. I have ordered the camera body and hope to have it within a week. The only problem is that, as it is digital, my 28mm-200mm good all round zoom lens will have to be multiplied by 1.5. This means it will become 42mm – 300mm. Not so good with wide angle unfortunately. But it is not all bad news as I do like to take telephone shots much more than I like wide-angle.

I will write more on Anti-Shake after I have put the camera through a thorough testing.


* Note, In the US, Dynax is called Maxim

  1. #1 by Andrew on Wednesday, 1 December 2004 - 9:39 am

    As an aside, during the hour I had this camera, before returning it for a new one because of shutter/flash lack of synchronisation, I tested the Anti-Shake in a fairly dark room, hand held at 30th of a second at 50mm. It was phenominal. There was no way I could hand-hold a heavy camera with a 28mm-200 zoom lens at this slow aperature before and get a very sharp fphotograph. The photograph was taken at 6.1 MPxls and then the picture was transferred to my FlashTrax hand held 80GB reader. I zoomed in 8x (eight times) and the picture was still sharp.More on the Flashtrax after I have played with it for a while.Andrew

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