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Bullying at school

What is wrong with todays children? I was bullied at school. I never told my parents, I just got on with life and gave as good as I got!

I was an English boy brought up amongst Afrikaners in Stellenbosch, the heart of Cape Afrikanerdom. I went to an Afrikaans boarding school from the age of eight!

For those who don’t know, Afrikaners really hate English people. The average size of the other boys in my class was twice my height and weight. (I grew up on war rations in the UK and was a small skinny lad). And I wouldn’t pass their test which was to say that South Africa was better than England, although I did secretly believe it at the time.

Throughout the first year I had an average of three fights a day. Never less than three large Afrikaner boys attacked me at any one time. But after a year they had come to accept me and life became easier. In fact when I was in sickbay with Yellow Jaundice at the end of the year just about every boy came to see me, and I was told that the headmaster remarked (in disbelief) on this at assembly. Yes, he hated me as well. But I never complained.

Funnyly enough, I look on those days with pride. I never gave in and admitted that their country was better than mine. And the funny thing was, even they grew tired of the 24 hour hate campaign so, after three months it was an understood thing that they only attacked me in school time. Believe it or not, we played together after school, and fought the next morning. Utterly unbelievable!

But then, two years previously, when I was six, in Lancing Sussex, I told my mother that I like Robins. “Why” she asked with interest? “Because they are not traitors, they don’t fly south in the winter” I repled.

Which is why, I suppose, I joined the UK Independence Party, and feel all politicians who have sold our childrens inheritance to strangers are traitors to their country.

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