My Camera

I am still awaiting delivery of my new Minolta Dynax 7D Digital SLR. Minolta are still awaiting their next large UK consignment.

Meanwhile I have purchased a fast 1GB Compact Flash card – and will keep my slower existing 1GB card for backup. In addition I have purchased an 80GB Flashtrax gizmo. This is a little like a superior iPod. It has a built in CompactFlash card reader, a 3.5″ square screen, and can also play music files.

The nice thing is, Smart who market this phototainer device, upgrade the firmware whenever it is needed. The Flashtrax can also display RAW files from Canon, Minolta and Nikon and the latest firmware upgrade also caters for the new RAW makeup of the Canon 1DS series II.

OK, hard drives are not as secure as CF cards, but that is if you throw them around, rather thann keep them safe in your camera bag.

A good place to purchaase these is at MacWarehouse a division of MicroWarehouse. The difference is you will pay postage from MicroWarehouse but not from their sister company!

Follow the link below to MacWarehouse, UK.

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