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The London Underground

The number of people who don’t seem to think when travelling is a never ending surprise to me.

Let me give you an example. I travel – on the Northern Line – from West Finchley when I need to travel into London. Sometimes there are two Charing Cross trains on the indicator board with the third train showing for Bank.

When I board the first train, I am surprised to see that not everyone gets on!

OK, I know you are thinking, yes but they probably want the Bank line.

So what? If they travelled for one stop to Finchley Central they would then have the added chance of getting a quicker Bank train coming in from Mill Hill East!

And late at night! Why wait for the train you need when every train you catch gets you that much nearer home – and therefore, cheaper to catch a taxi from, if the Underground system grinds to a halt.

Especially with the recent history of problems on the Northern Line!


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Another gizmo to play with :-)

Whilst awaiting my second new camera I have treated myself to an 80 Gigabyte gizmo called Flashtrax. This also goes under the name of Phototainer in some parts of the world.

Briefly, it is a small box that will sit in an anorak pocket or camera bag. It has a compactFlash slot to read the 1GB CompactFlash card I have in my camera. As I take RAW files, it will only hold 80 photographs before it is full. Now all I have to do is to stick it in the slot, press one button, and it is backed up to the Flashtrax. The Flashtrax also holds the 4GB of MP3 files I possess so I can play music – either from the built in speaker or my headphones.

The built in 3.5″ square monitor (approx four times the size of the normal 1.8″ square monitor found on most cameras) enables me to see my photographs and zoom in eight times with a 6MPxls picture so I can see how sharp the picture is for an A3 blowup. It also allows me to run slide shows on the devise, or play them through my television set. In addition to this, it will even play videos taken with a digital camera.

Finally, I can backup files from my PC if I want to take them to share on a friends PC via the USB2 cable.

I have just gone through the tutorial in the manual and am now just about to read the advanced section so I guess there are further treats in store!

A very useful tool for a digital photographer. If you would like to know more, look at the link below.


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