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What I learned from my army days…

First of all, after a rank structure of…


Lance Corporal


Lance Corporal



Lance Corporal


I learned that it might well be advisable to seek my fortune in Civy Street.

However two small ideas I did pick up, and can recommend to others, whether in their business or home lives are…

Time spent in reconnaissance is never wasted.

This means that when you have a job to do, you find out all you can about your options before you start. This is self-explanatory!

Examine the logistics

This means that you should ensure you don’t waste time in unnecessary work or travel. For example, when I sold printing from my offices in Oxford Street in the sixties, I drew rings around my office in 500 yard intervals. And never sought business in the next ring until I had exhausted most of the targetted businesses in the previous ring..

Later in life I learned a maxim which has also proved of enormous benefit. This is simply…

The quality of the decisions you make depend on the quality, and quantity, of the questions you ask.

Naturally this assumes you are going to get quality answers, which in itself should follow on automatically from asking quality questions!

Let’s face it, how can you make a quality decision if you have no facts to base that decision on. Also, the more facts you get, the better your decision should be.

Perfect decisions are made when you have all the facts at your disposal.


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A motto for the successful

Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed.

Every morning in Africa a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle or it will starve.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a gazelle or a lion. When the sun comes up – you’d better be running!

His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Crown Prince of Dubai.

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Political Correctness

All is not lost, this has been sent to me by a serving “Social Worker” from the South East.

Political Correctness is a debilitating disease of the intellect, a social parasite that sucks out generosity and tolerance, and turns them into resentment and division. It is no substitute for common decency and good manners.


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Testimonial about my website

Here is an unsolicited testimonial from John Cameron. When I first started to read it I thought he didn’t like the site, but after the first paragraph, realised it was just his own brand of humour coming to the fore.

Recipient : To Andrew

Realname : John Wm. Cameron Jr.

Subject : Positive comments on this website

Message: Hi Andrew. I visited your site from a link you provided on the Yahoo Minolta group. I am dismayed by the fact that I managed to spend too many hours exploring and enjoying your website. This day was to be a day of catching up with various jobs around the house… but what the hell, they will get done sometime, or so I tell my wife.

I started out my exploring with a sense that I would get an Englishmans point of view on the state of assorted interests inportant in his environment. You provided a goodly amount of points of view on a wonderful assortment of eclectic issues. What I discovered is that although you have a decidedly British view of things (why shouldn’t you…your British!), we have a lot in common in our overall view of the world. The events or the people or our focus may be differant given that our environs are so very far apart, but our attitudes and approach to situations are remarkedly similar.

I particuarly enjoyed your and Pam’s exploits in Southern California, N! evada and Arizona. A lot of good humor there!! A very good site and and a great read of your journey through life.

On a entirely differant note….I think you are really going to enjoy the D7Hi. I got mine anbout 3 months ago after much agonizing, enjoyable, time consuming research. What a joy. I am shooting more then I ever have in my life and as a result I feel a new freedom to try things photographically that I wouldn’nt have tried before. If something doesn’t work…the delete button on the camera or the delete key on the keyboard works well. How much money have I spent over the years on film and development costs on images that I cringe at as I go though the prints when I get them back. Now I just print the “keepers”. and learn from the rest!! Wonderful camera, delightful learning curve…does’nt have the build quality of your 9, more like the 7, which isn’t bad. Too bad as you pointed out, your 5400 HS flash unit won’t work with it though …that seems to be the Minolta way of things. I still have a 4000af and 2800af flash units that I used with my Maxxum/Dynax 7000 that I am determined to put back into use somehow as slaves for some studio stuff I want to do…someday!

This is a longer note then I had intended, Just wanted to express enjoyment about you and your wife’s web site and to give a little unsolicited commentary on the 7Hi

Sincerely; John…in Fairfield, California…about 40 miles or so somewhat east of San Francisco…which although it has the reputation of being the gay capitol of the known universe…there is no free Viagra here either!!!

Opinion : I will come back now and again

Age : I am between 35 and 60

Business : Other work

Final action : Send your form to us

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