An interesting man…

My friend Matthew called this morning for coffee.

An interesting man. I lived next to him when I used to live in East Finchley.

He dealt, from home, in second hand bikes, also selling them in the early days in Portabello Road and Brick Lane, and finally in Brick Lane only, until he ceased on his 60th birthday.

During those years he raised a family with two daughters and earned enough to send them both to “public schools”

I learned then that he dabbled on the Stock Exchange, buying and selling shares on a short term basis. I also learned that whilst he was selling his second hand bikes he had installed a Stock Exchange terminal in his study and had been using it for ten years! He had certainly kept that a secret from everyone.

He was an old boy at Westminster Public School and after university became a school teacher prior to his market trading days.

He is now 64 and enjoys his financial trading, and spends a lot of time in his St James’s club in which he has belonged for many a year. Certainly long before he gave up selling secondhand bikes.

Yes, a very interesting man…


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