Moving house

I have moved house twice during the last ten years. The first time 10 years ago into a furnished flat and the second time into our own unfurnished home.

Having spent, in the past, a number of years in sales and marketing, at one time a manager of a sales force of 25, I thought ‘why not use sales techniques in my purchasing?’

So I grabbed a directory or two, and the yellow pages and typed a list of 550 names and addresses of Estate Agents and Letting Agents for the area I required.

I wrote to them all telling them the maximum I was prepared to pay (and this was low), the location, the number of rooms and any other amenities I required.

I didn’t expect, or want, many replies. I just wanted a flat. Because the price I put was low, and I told them not to respond if they couldn’t match the price, I did only get five or six letters back. Funnily enough, we only looked at two of the flats and the first was so ideal, we snapped it up.

The second time was three years ago. This time we were purchasing so we discarded the letting agents and sent out 220 letters – very much along the same lines.

This time we got about 25 replies, but the first place was so ideal, we snapped it up straight away, very much like the previous time.

There is another alternative. Traipse around all the estate agents in the area, in all weathers, filling in forms, and dealing with smart-alec salesmen.

Take your pick…


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