The Union Jack

Why is it that if Americans rally around their flag and country it is considered a natural thing to do and that they are being patriotic.

Why is it that when Frenchmen talk, nearly every fifth word seems to be France, but that is considered alright and that they are considered patriotic.

Why is it that whenever anyone in Britain rallies around the flag or dares to say “The United Kingdom is terrific!” they get accused of Xenophobia and of doing something that should only be done by adults in their own home.

The look of horror on our accusers face couldn’t be worse than if they had caught us having sex with a parrot!


  1. #1 by Andrew on Wednesday, 8 December 2004 - 3:26 pm

    No, I assure you, with my hand on a bible…”I did NOT have sex with that parrot!”(Acknowledgements to Bill Clinton.)

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