‘In praise of folly’ written in 1507 by Erasmus

Here is some homework for readers of my blog. Your task is to read the work below and, using the comments option, say whether you agree or disagree with Erasmus and give your reasons.

Since the human race insists upon being completely crazy; Since everybody from the pope down to the humblest of village priests; From the richest of men, to the most miserable of paupers; From the fine lady in her silks and satins, down to the slut in her calico dressing-gown. Since the whole world has set its ‘GOD’ given brain, but insists upon letting itself be entirely guided by its greed, its vanity, its arrogance and its ignorance.

Why in the name of a reasonable Deity should the few truly intelligent people waste so much of their time and effort in trying to change the human race into something it never wanted to be. Let them be happy in their follies. Do not deprive them of that which gives them more satisfaction than anything else! Their sovereign power to make utter fools of themselves!

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