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I have had a P900 mobile phone from these people since September.

I wrote a nice letter to their Marketing Manager saying that the screen was slightly worn owing to a damaged stylus – which was only slightly damaged so it wasn’t noticed at first.

I also mentioned that there was constant trouble connecting the phone to my computer and I had to keep rebooting the computer before the link would work. This has gone on since new.

I also mentioned that, two or three times a day the phone would either seize up and I would have to remove the battery for a few seconds and turn it on again – or that the phone would just turn itself off.

I suggested that, as there was so much wrong with such a new phone, a replacement was in order!

But all I got back was :

Thank you for taking the time to highlight these experiences with your

P900. I can only express my disappointment that your experience of a

Sony Ericsson handset has been less than satisfactory.

I cannot advise as to whether The Carphone Warehouse would offer a

replacement unit (that is really a question for a member of The Carphone

Warehouse Team once they have seen the unit and not Sony Ericsson

directly). However, I will ask my colleague Ron Tucker (Sony Ericsson

After Sales Manager) to advise you of the after sales routes that Sony

Ericsson offers to all of its customers.

In the meantime, I would suggest that the most expedient course of

action, given your circumstances, would be to return your handset to the

store from where it was purchased (in this instance, Tottenham Court

Road) and highlight your experiences to them.

I regret that I cannot provide anymore direct assistance than this, but

hope that you will continue to be ‘delighted’ with the P900.

Maybe I am misreading this but, to me, it seems cold and aloof and rather “snotty”. If this is the way they treat (IT &) Comms jounalists, God help the general public.

However, I have learned one thing from my experience, not to buy a Sony-Ericsson phone again.

If you think I have misread the letter, or my reaction to it should have been stronger, please comment below.


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