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New counter from "Amazing Counters"

I put in a new counter at 2pm today. This one claims not to do pop-ups but just has an unobtusive advert (one line in about 8 point type) underneath the counter.

The counter is right at the bottom of the main blog page and only works with unique visitors; so it should give a more true rendering of visitors numbers than the last one.


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You can’t trust the Russians

Our errant reporter smuggled his cellphone camera into Chelsea’s football grounds yesterday, and captured on film – or at least into his cellphone – irrefutable proof of the real reason why Chelsea have been doing so well lately.

It seems they have been cheating. Our reporter photographed two “behind the scenes” members of the Chelsea team during a practice match and, yes – you can see it with your own eyes – they move the goal posts in the opposite direction to the opposing team players as they come storming down the pitch towards Chelseas goal!



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