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People have long memories.

I was looking at a Daily Telegraph questionnaire this morning. And in it they asked the public about Conservatives and their honesty. 20% thought the Conservatives were honest, 57% thought they weren’t honest and 24% said they didn’t know. Yes, I know they all add up to 101% but newspaper journalists aren’t so numerate as we specialist journalists!

Since Margaret Thatcher was kicked out, not by the public, but by the Tory high command, we have had Hague (Don’t be vague ask for – for anyone who remembers the whiskey adverts of the sixties). Then there was John Major – I had to think a bit before I could remember his name. He was closely followed by the twins, Ian & Duncan Smith (Thanks for that Paul Merton). Now there is someone with a bit of the night about him, as Ann Widdercombe once said, yes – Michael Howard. Four leaders of the opposition and they still can’t get things right.

I have a theory that the public still remember the nasty vicious way the Tories treated Margaret Thatcher after she had done so much for them!

I have friends across the whole political spectrum and even some of my rather leftish friends say they thought it was terrible the way she was dispatched. Even though they hated her like poison.

Even I thought she was getting on a bit but she should never be treated in such a way. I mean I wouldn’t even treat Portillo like that.

The last conservative I ever voted for was Margaret Thatcher. I was a young conservative in my youth, even a (bar) committee member! I had always been a conservative until that awful day when she left Downing Street for the last time.

My feelings now? I would never vote for any conservative again in this life. Not just because of that, but because, like labour, they have taken us deeper and deeper into the EU.


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People never read e-mails properly

Have you ever noticed how people never read e-mails? They used to be bad enough with letters, but now, with e-mails, it is almost impossible to get your message across.

I have developed a routine when writing e-mails. I have a paragraph at first stating what this e-mail is about. I then use CAPITAL letters as a one word caption to describe what I am saying. Finally I sum up with what action I want to take. I give as an example…

Dear …

This e-mail is a request for information and I hope your sales department can answer my three questions below.


I hope to buy your super fur-lined widget over the next week or two.


Please could you tell me what sort of fur you use???


Please could you tell me whether there is a reduction for a quantity purchase of a dozen???


I would like to pay for these items with an American Express credit card, please could you tell me whether you accept these cards???


Please could you answer these questions and reply to me by e-mail. As soon as I have all the information I will consider placing my order.

OK, I know you may think this is over the top, but it really works. I notice it works a little better if I add three question marks after each question.

For ordinary letters by e-mai, keep it to one sentence paragraphs as much as possible.

I try to use short paragraphs on this blog so as to make the material easy to read and digest.

If you lump all your questions together, your recipient will copy the practice of politicians and answer only the question they find the easiest.

I would like to thank PK for giving me the idea for this particulat blog.


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