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What browser and e-mail client do you use?

Most of us know how unsecure Internet Explorer and Outlook are, and I quite understand that the Corporate market (and the larger SMEs) are reluctant to move away from the Microsoft platform. Especially when Outlook has calendar share amongst its offerings.

I initially moved from Internet Explorer to Opera which is a fine, and far more secure browser. I subsequently moved to Mozilla Firefox – not because I found Opera wanting in any way – but because I have decided to use Open Source software whenever I can – as long as the software is well tried and proven.

There is an extremely competent Mozilla e-mail program called Thunderbird. And I have had a lot of good reports on their spam filtering. As I use web e-mail (GMail by Google) I have no need for this program although I have downloaded and played with it. There is a calendar that can be used with it but to date it is not sufficient enough for the Corporate user to consider.

But there is no reason why the Corporate market needs to stay with the security bug ridden Internet Explorer. One e-mail site in Germany lists statistics and we have noticed that, on a month by month basis from 2002, users loging in using Firefox, Netscape or other Mozilla product have increased from around 7% up to 53% last month.

If you are an IT manager, look at firefox. There can be no conceivable reason why you could not incorpoate this as a choice for your users.

And in due course, probably more towards Q3 in 2005 when the calendar has evolved, you may also be able to consider Thunderbird. Unless, of course, that Microsoft manages to fix all the security leaks in their own products. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.


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