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Mobile Phones

(Or, you either love ’em or hate ’em)

Why aren’t they phones any more. I have a mobile phone and, yes, I agree all the extras are fun to use. But sometimes I think manufacturers are losing the plot.

I suppose, what with cameras attached, and now even video cameras, they are hoping to grab more of our disposable income by trying to persuade us to them mail them on via an MMS message. And you can surf the web.

Indeed, I have a program in my P900 that will collect the correct time in five different places and check the weather in five different places. That can be useful for three or four weeks a year for when I go on holiday! And also, of course, to businessmen living out of suitcases I suppose.

It also as the OAG full list of all flight times throughout the world. That might be useful to a businessman as well. But for most of us, we sit at home surfing the airlines and for special offer seats.

Also, I can download the latest currency (three only) so if I were flying to San Diego (my favourite American city) I could set the currency to £, $ and the Mexican Pesos.

Surfing the web? The only real use for this, apart from the above, would be to check departure times if I have missed my train or plane!

It is handy to have my diary on the phone I suppose. But only if, when I enter an appointment in my desktop, I remember to put all location details so I can check when I am out and about.

Then, of course, I list my expenses, to do list, passwords (with 128k encryption) and all sorts of other programs I downloaded one night in a frenzy!

But, even though I have talked myself into the opposite corner, I miss my old Motorola Timeport 250, which only made phone calls, life was so much easier then!


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