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Here comes Christmas

And at this time of year we should give a thought to those we know who are celebrating it alone. Or rather, not celebrating it. I mean, Christmas is a time of good company and cheer.

Do you know of anyone spending Christmas by themselves? An elderly relative, a neighbour in your street? Phone them on Christmas Morning.A call will only cost a penny if you read my previous blog on “all telephone calls within the UK at any time any day or night for a penny for as long as you like”. So it’s only your time and what better way of spending time on Christ’s day than chatting to lonely people and cheering them up.

Those living in the London (UK) area may like to tune in to Magic Radio on Christmas Eve and Christmas day as they do play a lot of Christmas songs.

My wife and I have been invited out this Christmas day for lunch. We normally prefer to spend this day alone at home, by ourselves. We have one of those gadgets with rubber corks which extract the air from wine bottles, so we have a different bottle with each course and drink the rest of the bottle over the Christmas holidays. Usually South African wines as those are really good value and aren’t so “full in the mouth” as Australian wines. The amounts of wine in the glasses are small by the way!

Our menu has been devised for less time in the kitchen and is as follows:

Smoked Salmon and Quail’s Egg salad, with a glass of chardonnay.

45 minute gap

A nice pate on strips of toast with a little salad and a glass of Bordeaux

60 minute gap

Roast Pheasant, new tinned potatoes, Asparagus and broccoli with a glass of Burgundy

60 minute gap

A ready made sweet, usually a roulade with a glass of noble rot desert wine

60 minute gap

Cheese on soft French Bread and port to wash it down.

We normally have the first course around noon, and the rest during the afternoon.

Yes, it does cost quite a bit, as we do have good wines. But it is Christmas, and we do look forward to spending the day by ourselves.

This year it will be different, but the couple who have invited us are the kindest people we know, so to have refused would have been churlish and, anyway, it will be fun to have a change and share the day with friends.

But don’t forget, apart from phoning kith and kin on Saturday, phone someone you know who will be by themselves at home.


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