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A busy time of the year

I will still try to put a blog up, each day, but Christmas is a busy time of the year for me.

Each year I zap my hard disk and reload everything on again. Ensuring all data is backed up from all the nooks and crannies of my 120GB hard disk isn’t a quick job, and reloading Windows XP Pro takes a long time when you include the drivers, and once those are on, searching the Internet for more up to date versions.

Why do I do this every year? Well, as a journalist who also covers the IT and Comms world, I am forever putting on Software to test and no matter which method you use to remove the unwanted programs, still a lot of DLLs hang around and slow things down.

Normally a htree day job but each day I will continue to post something that attracts my fancy, or irritates me like the blazes!

I should think, by now the whole world and his dog as either finished work for the year, or is slowly getting p—– (inebriated) at the office in what is known as the office party.

Bye until th morrow.


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