Help your friends visit you.

Do you have a digital camera?

Why not produce a one page PDF of how to get to your home? Or two pages if you need to show a “by public transport” and a “by road” scenario? There are many free utilities that will give you a PDF driver to print to, and many programs already offer this internally.

You can include parts of a map you can scan in from your road atlas, photographs of the approach to your road, simple directions that all can understand. If you are using one of the Map websites, you could include their websites full URL address to your sectional map. It is difficult to actually copy the maps as they come in nine separate pieces, but a screen capture program may get around this.

This can also be useful if you make a purchase on the Internet and are expecting delivery by van. You can then send them the PDF to help their driver reach you.

Don’t forget to include your full postcode in case the driver has a GPS system in their vehicle. If you have SatNav (Satellite Navigation GPS) yourself, you could also include the waypoint details (Lat and Long) as well.

Apart from saving you postage in sending written directions, your friends and family will think you efficient. And what is more important, the company you are dealing with will mark you down as someone who, perhaps, knows their way around , and should get a good service!

Unless the company is Minolta, then they wouldn’t give a damn either way!.


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