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What did you get for Christmas?

Well, I got the odd present. You know, bottle of Scotch, wine, fizzy, boxes of Chocs and the usual stuff that a 65 year old gets because nobody can think of anything he might still want in his advancing years – like a year’s pass to the local massage parlour, or a Lamborghini Murcielago, a car I would surely welcome, even if I am rather set on the latest Landrover Defender! Go on, click on the link and take a look, and dream!

Well, I got the next best thing. One of these natty little Gillette Mach3 electric razor. Not much thicker that the ordinary Mach 3 but it contains a little AAA battery which moves the blade, very minutely, and “creates a gentle hum” that makes the hair stand up on end. Read a paragraph from the CNN write-up

“The M3Power comes with a Duracell battery — also manufactured by Gillette and lasting three to six months under normal use — that fits in the handle and powers a small motor that generates what Pesce described as a “gentle hum.” That energy increases the tension in facial skin, and essentially props up hairs, which can otherwise lie flat.”

Well, I am using it, and I love it. It certainly gives me a faster shave, and to a lesser extent, a closer shave. Enough to justify the “under a tenner” price tag. But whether enough to pay extra for the new blades, I am not so sure. However, I can definitely confirm that the standard Mach3 blades will fit it.

Whilst this is aimed primarily at my male readership, I can suggest that the ladies take a trip to the linked Lamborghini Registry. Once in the Home Page”, Click on “Cars” and then on the “Car’s Page” click on “LM002” and you will have a 4×4 to surpass any 4×4 on the Mum’s run to your local school! This is still very much a Lamborghini and I believe can travel up to 100MPH over rough terrain! You’ll be the talking point of the town – if you can get hold of one!


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