How the rest of the world see us.

Here is a spoof advert that a friend from Australia “claimed” was in their local newspaper. Although I find it hard to believe – knowing what I know about Aussies – there is a fair possibility that it was!

Spoof Advert sent to me from Australia.

Perhaps it is time we should examine closely exactly how our system works. Not a politicians knee-jerk reaction, but maybe to put together a team of experts to examine our whole benefit structure.

It doesn’t have to report tomorrow, or even next month. Have them take a year to really study our whole structure and put together something else which won’t stop genuine applicants being looked after, but would make it difficult for (a) illegal immigrants to take benefits, and (b) new immigrants perhaps to work for a year before they can avail themselves to a totally free service – possibly by charging them what they can afford to pay. If they are out of work, they’d pay nothing. Illegal immigrants should not have to suffer medically, but perhaps have special clinics for them to attend where the clinic does not have to pass their details to the authorities.

I am not saying that the above would be good in any way, and also you may have totally opposing views. But it is only by putting forward these ideas that people who think differently can put their ideas forward and we can arrive at the best solution. This is something the extreme left and the extreme right are not happy with – it is called “debating”.


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