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My new Porsche

I have just taken delivery of my (second) Siemens Porsche Coffee Machine. A beauty. But how I got this particular model is interesting and shows that service in our shops still exists.

I normally buy my electrical goods from John Lewis because they usually give a free extra year’s guarantee (or warranty) with all electrical products, and usually deliver locally free of charge.

However, five years ago I saw the Porsche Coffee Maker in Fenwicks, Brent Cross. I was extremely impressed. Like most of my readers, I know the average coffee makers hot plate “cooks” the coffee if you leave it heating for any time longer than five minutes.

Siemens TC91100GB Porsche Coffee Machine

This Porsche filters the coffee directly into a thermos jug which is part of the stand alone package. This keeps the coffee fresh for up to five hours and hot up to three hours. “What is the use of those extra two hours!” I hear you mutter. Well, I’ll tell you. If you put boiling water into the thermos and leave it for a minute or two, empty it, and then make the coffee. The hot jug will not cool the coffee down and so keeps it hot for around five hours.

The machine came with a one year’s warranty and, a month before Christmas, four years after the waranty expired, I took the base unit back for repair. I was quite happy to pay. The lady there didn’t think they would repair it as it was five years old. I blew my top and said that if they didn’t after I had paid £129 for it, I would write a nasty article about them, showing her my press card. She said she would see what she could do.

I popped in a month later, between Christmas and the new year and was told I could have a brand new machine but they didn’t have any in stock. They said they would courier one to me as soon as stocks arrived.

And, it was delivered yesterday afternoon!

Good for Fenwicks, and good for Siemens. I am now a very contented bunny.

Link to Siemens Coffee Machine after my signature.


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