Missing boy in Thailand

Dear Friends,

Please help this boy!

This boy is about two years old. Found and taken from Khao Lake Resort Area, the southern part of Thailand.

His parents are missing. His nationality cannot be identified.

Tsunami victim – Thailand

Please take a look at the above picture of this victim from Tsunami.

If you do not know him, please forward his pictures to your friends or organization in your country for further publication.

I thank you all for extending kindness to this boy.

With kind regards,

Tess Ruktapurana

Thai Airways International


Important Update

Thanks to timely Internet postings, the 2-year-old boy pictured at right, Hannes Bergstroem, is now safe in the arms of his Swedish family.

The photos were spotted on the Web by the child’s uncle, who rushed to Phuket International Hospital to collect him.

The entire family, including Hannes’ father, mother, brother and grandparents, had been vacationing in southern Thailand when the December 26, 2004 tsunami struck.

It looks like all the family survived. I hope so and that this is one of the stories that can still inspire others who have lost loved ones over there.


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