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Business Telephone Handsets

I used to be able to buy these at stores such as Staples. But now all they seem to sell are the very basic line phones, or DECT phones (digital wireless phones up to 300 metres). Carphone Warehouse and all the other telephone shops sell mobiles and, if you are lucky, DECT phones as well.

I have been using an el-cheapo for severl months now until someone suggested I looked at Rocom. So off I went to their website. It was full of Telecommunications gear and after looking around I decided on the ATL “Berkshire 800”. This is a super telephone.

ATL Berkshire 800

One of my requirements was that it has at least ten “single press” buttons. This phone has this, and also the facility to store a further 90 numbers and to access them alphabetically. I also needed a recall facility so that I could use it with BT’s tele-conferencing. It had that.

You can program it to dial 9, or any other single digit – with or without a pause which you can set the time for yourself, to go out through ta switchboard. Unfortunately this will only accommodate a single digit number. It is a pity as I use for my phone calls and you love to have been able to enter 18866 into that position.

There are two buttons with a light in the middle – the hands free button and the mute button. I would like to see a third of these buttons as follows. The ability to program a code to access via a telecom company who give you a series of numbers to dial before your number to bypass BT. With the light coming on for when this is OFF. This is because the incredible rates these companies offer are for calls to geographical numbers, those beginning 01xxx or 02xxx at present. Other service numbers are sometimes more expensive so those calls you may want to send through BT. Why have the light come on when the facility is OFF? Simple, the light is a warning light. Warning lights are to remind you to do something. And also, the default is when the light is OFF.

The phone is programmable and has six main areas to program. One of these being “Advanced” which gives a further fourteen programmable areas. So the phone is complex, believe me. However you can use it without much initial knowledge and this gives you a chance to tweak it as you gain experience.

The cost for this complex piece of equipment is £38.62 net. Although ATL offer a one years warranty, Rocom are happy to expend this to ten years at no extra charge. They don’t do this with all their phones so they must be happy about something!

Available in dark gray and light Gray. Light gray is almost, but not quite, white.

Next day delivery. I ordered mine at around 3pm and it arrived the following early afternoon for £6.70 net.

Other facilities include call waiting, CLI, use of headset, use to plug in a laptop to dial out using the laptops built in modem, mute button with light, hands free dialing with light, alternating between headset, handset and handsfree, enter calling information into directory, five number redial, clear a confidential number from the redial list and volume and pitch controls. This does not exhaust the feature list!

Follow the link, after my sign-out for Rocom who sell practically all telecom gear.


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