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Micro Anvika

I like the have a rant about bad service but when I get some good service, I also like to give credit where credit is due.

Our ADSL comes from that Telecoms Giant, what’s their name? Ah yes, Bloody Telecomms. I will be talking about them a little later on in the week.

Today I needed to buy a new modem for our ADSL line. At present I use a Vigor ADSL USB router and have put our home network on the broadband connection. This time I decided to replace my router as it is getting old and buy a combined Router, Modem, Hub and hardware Firewall from Netgear.

I went to Micro Anvika in Tottenham Court Road, in London’s West End as I have always received excellent service from them in the past.

I spoke to a very knowledgeable salesman who – as usual from these people – was charming, polite and helpful. He suggested I thought about a wi-fi version which can also be used with cbels, to allow for future growth. However I only had the house wired with Cat5 cable a couple of years ago so am not ready to bother with wreless at this stage – certainly not within the life of this new kit.

Good service, Micro Anvika, keep it up – it’s the reason why your shop is always full of customers. Another reason for your success is that you have lots of sales personnel – whenever I go to your shop there is always one free to serve me!

Another good reason for using Micro Anvika is that they don’t use those 8p per minute 0870 numbers! Their link is below my sign-out below.


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I guess, if you asked Tammy Wynette, she might tell you a thing or two about this subject.C’mon, surely you remember?

“Our little boy is four years old and quite a little man,

So we spell out the words we don’t want him to understand.

Like T-O-Y or maybe, S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E.

But the words we’re hiding from him now,

Tear the heart right out of me… D.I.V.O.R.C.E….”

Most people say that one of the biggest reasons why couples get divorced is because of money problems. But there are so many additional reasons and each couple is different.

No doubt the lack of money for every day essentials is a big reason for rows and pssible divorce but what about the other reasons. People growing apart, one partner not willing to make career compromises, telling lies about themselves or just falling out of love. Or perhaps a combination of reasons.

These are all valid reasons, and no doubt my readers can think of many more. But there is another major reason, which is the reason for today’s blog.

This is when both parties are initially attracted to each other and. because they fear losing the other, pretend to be something or someone they aren’t. This can be fatal, especially with a short engagement where each party fails to find out that the other isn’t the type of person they married or, more important still, want to be married to.

Some say that the reason, decades ago, that there were fewer divorces was due to the fact that it was hard for a woman to make her own way in life afterwards. Especially if she had children. And pre WWII people had much larger families. There is a lot of truth here but there is also the fact that people had much longer engagements. Take three years, for example. Couples that are engaged for three years begin to get to know each other quite a bit. But not as much, granted, as a single week of marriage.

I have been engaged six times! The reason for this is simple. I am a bit of a self-opinionated bastard, and more than a little autocratic. As each woman got to know me and realised this, they broke off the engagement. My wife, Pam, didn’t! She has lived with me for twenty-eight years now and likes, as well as loves me, just because of what I am. In addition to this, I have few friends but some of these stretch back fifty years or so and most of them over ten years. No matter what people may say about having enough friends, we never have enough. But I won’t increase my friends by hiding what I am for any reason. My very best friend is my spouse – how many can say that and really mean it?

So the moral of this story is, be what you are. There are billions and billions of people in this world, you will surely attract friends who have more than a bit in common with you if you do. And this goes for attracting the right spouse!


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