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Bloody Telecomms PLC

Towards the end of last week we found our ADSL was working about one hour in four. By Friday evening it was down all the time.

No broadband Saturday, Sunday or Monday. By end of afternoon Monday we rang BT – their status line had said there were problems.

After an hour we got through to a guy who mentioned that some modems were “blown” whatever that means. I replied that ours had lost the “on” light but he said try loading the drivers. We did and the CDROM just wouldn’t work. The helpdesk guy said he would send another CD out to us. We should get it in a few days. I thought to myself, “The hell with this, we will not get the CD before Thursday or Friday, then we will have to phone up – takes an hour – again and then if the modem was broken, probably wait until the following Wednesday or Thursday before we will be able to access our e-mail or search the web again.

Defititely not on!

So yesterday I went into the West End and called in at Micro Anvika for a new modem, only this time I thought I’d replace my ISB router with an Ethernet router and modem combined. I chose a “Netgear” model as I had heard good things about their kit – and it had a built-in firewall.

I got back, replaced it with the Vigor in about three minutes, programmed it with our passwords and access names, and within five minutes we were back on the Internet.

Having seen, first hand, how BT treats their business customers – yes, we have their Business 500 service on a business rate telephone line, we immediately felt sorry for all those out there who have a residential service.

We are now seriously looking to change our ADSL ISP to Zen. We have had good reports about them from our IT Guru.

People in the know have asked us if we have a second BT line in the office. I mentioned we have several and we were immediately advised to use one of the other lines for our new ADSL service. I was puzzled at this and asked why. The answer was, BT will drag their heels on disconnecting the equipment so we can’t get the rival companies ADSL up and running. I asked why they would do that and received the reply that BT like to punish customers as much as possible if they leave.

Personally I think their service is lousy but I can’t seriously believe they would dare to do such a thing.

However, I will use one of the other lines, just to play safe.


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