What utter rubbish they produce nowadays… hardly worth the licence fee, even if you look on the amount spread over each day of the year! Big Brother! I ask you!

I am not going to go on about the rights or wrongs of charging everyone a fee to watch such down-market rubbish. OK, the occasional gem, usually well hidden away, suddenly makes watching “the box” worthwhile. But that is not my brief this evening.

Our politicians view television as a positive benefit – to themselves. Why? It’s very simple. Television keeps us glued to the box, every evening, in our own homes. It is debiltating and leaves us little energy for anything else.

Hands up all readers who feel like making love, for instance, after a whole evenings “box watching”. So it also keeps the population down, that’s a bonus.

But more important than that, television keeps us from meeting up with friends, discussing the government and how they behave. It keeps us from being active which may mean the fall of a particular party from power.

OK, I know that they say they are trying to get the population healthy, but if they really believed that they would put Ramblers Association membership on the NHS for those that really needed it!

We gained a lot more out of life, and I became a lot more active in the political world by doing a simple thing.

My wife and I would get the television list for the week on a Saturday and, using a yellow highlighter (yes, dear reader, you can use any other colour if you wish) , we would go through the week, highlighting just those programs we wished to watch. We would avoid “serial type programs” that forced us to watch on the same day every week so that we were always free to go out when we wanted. We stopped being ruled by the box.

Things have slipped a little of late so I shall suggest we try and start this up again.

If the entire population read this blog and started to do the same, the government would really sit up in alarm, and would probably order my death… Don’t get alarmed, dear reader, my tongue is well and truly in my cheek here! But they certainly wouldn’t love me!


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