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Travelling on the Toob.

London Underground Train – Northern Line – Photo by Andrew Taylor

One hears all sorts of comments about manners on London’s Underground. People who put their feet on the seats, people who won’t teach their young to stand up for pregnant ladies or the old (I know – I am old).

And then there are the rumours. You know the sort of thing. Men who sit with their legs spread as wide as possible being latent homo-sexuals? And Ladies who yawn widely without putting their hands to their mouths are trying to give a subliminal message of what they’d be willing to do to the men sitting opposite? Rubbish!

My message here boils down to one thing. Manners! The fact is, most of these people were not taught manners by their parents. Men, being lazy blighters (I know – I am one) usually leave these sorts of matters to the mother.

So when you see this loutish behaviour, just remember, the behaviour says more about that persons’ mother than it does about themselves!

And before you feel you’d like to argue this point, parents who have taken parenthood seriously, perhaps your own parents, usually produce people who are kinder and more polite to others. Take yourself for example?


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