P&O and the Aurora

I would suggest that most of our readers have heard about the ill-fated Aurora and the luxury cruise that didn’t get further than the Isle of Wight?

P&O Aurora – a P&O photo

A P&O spokesman said that the 1,347 passengers had made their way through 12,843 complimentary bottles of beer, 12,626 bottles of wine, 1,246 bottles of spirits and 9,800 cocktails.

That is approximately 10 bottles of beer, 10 bottles of wine per person, a bottle of spirits each and 7 cocktails. Not so much when you then divide it between eleven days. That is under 1 bottle of beer, under a bottle of wine, three shots of spirits and three-quarters of a cocktail per day!

Presuming of course that everyone drank the same amount.

Now, if I were aboard for the eleven days, totals would have soared.

Nothing is clear at present but it sounds like everyone will get a complete refund and a large discount off a further cruise – presupposing that people will trust P&O to take advantage of a further cruise with them.

I wonder whether P&O will be able to claim against the original German shipbuilders who built the bloody boat in the first place. We used to have a damn good ship-building industry so, apart from the constant battles with the Unions and costly strikes, why did customers start switching their business overseas?


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