My readers will, by now, know of my membership of the UK Independence Party and my distaste of being ruled by an undemocratic and extremely bureaucratic and expensive EU.

Well, recently the leaders of the UK Independence Party have been on a very intensive path of self-destruction.

According to Frederick Forsyth, writing for the Express recently, the Government have declared the Conservatives are “contrary to British Interests” and once they do this, they can bring in the spooks from MI5.

Forsyth goes on to say that two MI5 moles have infiltrated UKIP right at the very top. to not only split the Tory vote but to ensure that UKIP doesn’t do enough to be a threat to European domination..

Although I treat Forsyths comments with total disbelief many UKIP members have only been in a position to stand helplessly by and watch their dreams crumble.

Well, now a new party has been formed by Robert Kilroy-Silk called Veritas, the latin word for “truth” if I can remember back to my childhood years!

I have resigned from UKIP and will join “Veritas” so I can now reveal the truth of how I hoodwinked the present party leadership into giving me free membership for this last year.

Michael Nattras MEP – UKIP deputy leader : Photo Andrew Taylor

It was so simple really. and, I can hardly believe it worked. Mr Nattras, the deputy leader of UKIP who runs the party head office from his Estate Agency in Birmingham, with the help, I believe, of ex lawyer clerk Ms St Clear. Anyway they sent me my renewal form which I filled in.

Where it had space for Credit Card Details, I crossed it as if it were a cheque, and wrote, between the lines: “Honorary Member”. I thought that when they saw that they would surely get back to me, I could then apologise and give my credit card details for renewal over the telephone – although I really didn’t like boistering up such a corrupt leadership with money.

Guess what!!!

Yes, unbelievably, the idiots sent me my updated membership card, by return of post, without receiving a penny, and made out for another year! I really couldn’t believe it.

Don’t try and do this at home dear reader as it is morally dishonest and reprehensible. You will become as corrupt and incorrigible as this old codger and the leaders of the UKIP cabal! And you couldn’t possibly get as much enjoyment out of such an act as I have!


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