Reality TV

Jerry Hall

We all love to knock the Americans but now Jerry Hall has returned to her native Texas to produce a reality TV program over there.

Unlike our version where we pull people down, and make it agonising for the participants, their approach is much more positive.

They are picking twelveto fifteen men, from the poorer classes (they don’t use terms such as working class and upper class over there) and are going to help them become more sophisticated, charming, and well-to-do in attitude and manners.

The winner will join the jetset for a year with a six figure expense account.

I have only ever watched big brother once, but if this gets across “the pond” I will watch every episode. Unfortunately it will be a while before we see the ten episodes.

Another difference is, we (or most of us) watch advidly “Coronation Street” and “East Enders” all about the more disadvantaged amongst us. Whereas in the good old US of A they have (or used to have) svelt programs like “Dysentry” as Terry Wogan would call it – I prefer “Dynasty” and “JR”. Good clothes, expensive lifestyles – you know – something for all of us to aspire to.

There is a minus side of course. Hollywood do tend to put too much gloss on our female actors who transcend the pond. Take “Stephanie Beacham” for example; I remember her in her first major tv series called “The Rag Trade” back in 1961. Here she was a rough, enchanting diamond. So much better than the smooth glossy “Sabella “Sable” Scott Colby” in “Dynasty” and “The Colbys”. And wasn’t “Catherine Zeta Jones” lovely as an unsophistcated country girl daughter of “David Janson” in “The Darling Buds of May”? Now she is all gloss and sophistication, Ugh!


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