Tag Lines

There are a few programs out there that enable one to add a tag line to ones mail program.

A “tag line” is a witty saying and these programs make a random choice from your own large data file. The idea of “tag lines” go back to the pre-internet BBS (Bulletin Boards Software).

I have been on Internet E-Mail since 1986 and BBS boards before that. In fact I used to run one on Wildcat! software called “The Qutron Executive” in the mid eighties. Because of these exploits I find I have more than my fair share of Spam.

So when I came across the following “tag line” it made me smile out loud! And I thought I would share it with you. I will point out that I do have a vivid imagination!

In a perfect world…

spammers would get caught, go to jail,

and share a cell with many men who

have enlarged their penises,

taken Viagra and are looking

for a new relationship.

What a fitting end for these bastards!


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