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Mother-in-Law Jokes

My M-I-L is no longer alive, but whilst she was alive she was easy going, warm and very pleasant. Which is a pity really as I could never tell those awful Mother-in-Law jokes without feeling very guilty.

As I am feeling now, whilst I share this with you…

A man takes his dog to the vet and asks him to cut its tail off. The vet can find nothing wrong with the dog’s tail so asks the man why.

He replies: “My mother-in-law is coming to visit and I don’t want anything in the house to make her think she’s welcome.”

For those of you who weren’t/aren’t as blessed as me, feel free to direct her to my blog 🙂


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Belfast, NI.

My wife and I were invited to a business function at Vinopolis, in the wine museum’s Great Hall, on Tuesday evening.

Belfast claims to be one of the top five tourist centres in the UK at present.

Queen’s University Building, Belfast

One amusing fact is that over 500 delegates of the “World Toilet Summit” will be attending their conference in Belfast. Right now I am thinking of all the jokes that I am not going to tell you! Then there is also the 17th year congress of the Association of Judges also being held in Belfast next year.

Belfast Waterfront

And this is where a lot of the larger conferences take place. They have managed to get the Moscow State Circus here as well, 26th-30th of this very month.

At the moment one can reach Belfast, by air, from forty different destinations and this is increasing year by year. Last year the number of conferences doubled from the 2002 totals.

Whilst we were walking around the thirteen different stands, chatting to bright sexy PR ladies, an irish foursome were playing all the Irish favourites and, just before supper, we were treated to a display of Irish dancers. They had a little six year boy with them who gave a superb solo and was the darling of the audience.

Gloria Hunniford

During my wanderings around I had a conversation with Gloria Hunniford, the television presenter. She was shorter than I had imagined but an absolute enchantress. Immediately before we went to eat she addressed us with interesting stories of the six counties and referring to Terry Wogan as her “grandfather” which brought a smile to our faces!

St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast

All in all it was an enjoyable four hours and was one of the most interesting events we had been to for a long time.

Follow the link after my sign-out for the Belfast Tourist Bureau.


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