The Holiday season

It is practically February and many people will be thinking of going on Holiday. In the Southern Hemisphere February is the last month of Summer, with at least two further months of lovely weather to follow.

Making phone calls is always a nightmare when you are on the move in a foreign country. Especially if you can’t find a telephone that works!

So we tend to use our mobile phones. But it is expensive when you realise that if you are phoning to the next town or village, you call routes back to the UK and then back to the country you are in.

Do you have a phone that is unlocked for SIM cards when you are abroad? Ask your cellphone provider as, if you have your phone locked in to a provider in the UK, you could well find it is not locked in if you are overseas.

The best way to buy a SIM card on the PAYG system is to send for it well in advance of your departure date and have it airmailed to the UK. This way you will have your foreign telephone number before you leave. Activate your voicemail service and change your message to give out your new SIM card number. This way you won’t have to pay the “receiving” cost abroad and also, because it costs people more over here to phone you, you won’t be troubled with unnecessary calls whilst you are either on holiday, or trying to clinch deals on business.

So to sum up, a foreign SIM card means less calls and, of the ones you receive, it costs the sender more, but you far less.


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