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Fake Photographs.

There have been a number of fake photographs around the Internet lately. Not drawn up to deceive as they are evidently fakes, but there to bring a smile to our faces.

Gillette Mach 15

Proctor & Gamble will have a difficult time to remove our inherrit belief that Gillettes principle aim is to make us pay more for our Gillette razor blades. I found it amusing that Proctor was an Englishman but Gamble was an Irishman!

The above is a bit contentious! The originator might have done better if he hadn’t added the bit about lying…

Gillette Terrorist Special

And a further one from Gillette showing a before and after of someone we all know only too well.

And, whilst we are on that subject, most of you know Sadam and the Americans were great pals when Sadam was attacking Iran!

I’m having Iraq, you can have Guantanamo Bay

Here’s one showing them hugging each other. Errrr… I think it’s a fake!

And of course there are the naughty ones that poke fun!

Cars for the fairer sex?

Here is a naughty little one that suggests that the fairer sex don’t understand anything about cars. It’s either that or they are just selling cars to Conservatives and Socialists?

Cat on a hot tin roof (Apologies to Tennessee Williams)

And finally, my favourite! A “cat on a hot tin roof” who evidently had a good night on the tiles!

I am afraid my blogs may be a little brief over the next few days owing to pressures of work, but I will try and come up with some nice jucy ones after the first half of next week.


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