Boris Johnson

got a raw deal from the public and although I have no brief at all regarding Liverpudlians, I felt it was a mistake for him to demean himself by going up there to apologise.


I think he was wrong to single out Liverpool, the entire country becomes maudlin whenever anything emotional happens. Like Princess Diana’s death, or the Tsunami.

Don’t get me wrong here. I felt the former was tragic, and the latter a million times more tragic. But I didn’t go overboard and send my donations off to the Tsunami appeal in a knee-jerk reaction – even though I did put a link up on this blog to them.

This wasn’t because I am mean, far from it. I reasoned that people would go all maudlin and the appeal would get more money than they could ever dream of.

No, what I worked out was, that other good works would suffer because of this. People would lose their jobs because worthwhile charities were not getting any contributions from the public.

So I put my money where my mouth is. I sent an extra £50 over and above what I normally send, to Save the Children as I had heard they were helping out there, and that their donations had been severely hit. And I am on the point of retirement!

I wonder what is going to happen with all this money. Will the trustees sit on it for as long as they did with the Diana fund? Will a great percentage go to some worthless memorial? Or will it go to help people build up their homes and businesses? Is anything happening right now, when the people need it? Will care be taken so that some local Government official with a big black Mercedes doesn’t cream off a large amount for his Swiss Bank account?

This is your job, my reader! You must, like me, never stop asking questions. Make their lives a little uncomfortable so you encourage them to take care and do the right thing.

Back to Boris.

We can’t afford to lose bright lads like Boris. I dislike the Conservatives but if one party has good bright people, other parties must try to match them otherwise they may lose out in votes in the longer term. The country needs bright people to run it.


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