Treating people like dirt

It’s simple. You just can’t get away with it.

The UK Independence Party is finally self-destructing. It has been run, not by their National Executive, not by Roger Knapman, their “almost invisible” leader, but by a shadowy figure in the background called Nigel Farage.

Kilroy IS here (old UKIP photo)

The leadership (Knapman and Farage) invited Kilroy-Silk to join the party and fight the European Elections. If he did this, he was promised the leadership (out of the blue) by these two tricky dickies. There were two witnesses at the time, one of whom I know quite well.

After the election they reneged on the deal – which, quite rightly, angered Kilroy-Silk.

K-S then spoke around the country telling branches who wanted him as leader that it was up to them to force an EGM and get rid of the present useless leadership as it couldn’t be his job to do this. But the crafty leadership had already put in place machinery that would make such a move impossible.

K-S was still angry at the offer being withdrawn after he had, almost single handedly increased the UKIP’s MEPs from three to twelve.

To cut a long story short, a new party, with Kilroy-Silk as leader is formally being launched today. Damian Hockney, the most successful politician in UKIP (he is head of the UKIP group within the London Assembly) has now resigned from UKIP and has become the Deputy Leader of the new party “Veritas”. And yesterday I learned that Peter Hulme-Cross UKIP’s other Assembley member has also resigned from UKIP and moved over to Veritas. In fact, the entire UKIP team at City Hall will move over as well.

Because of the way Nigel Farage and his cabal have been running the party undemocratically, whole branches around the country are resigning from the party. We are, of course, hoping that their activists will join Veritas in due course to form new branches.

On Monday night the BBC tried to do a hatchet job on Kilroy-Silk. They had a team of two journalists with a video camera following Kilroy-Silk around for three months. They showed only the bad points and if their showing was the best they could do as a hatchet job, then K-S is my man!

This morning I am attending the launch of this party and will add any news gleaned, and perhaps another photograph in this particular blog, rather than bore you all with another totally separate blog.

Veritas Launch Photo by Andrew Taylor

The Launch was extremely successful with five or six television crews and around 40 individual photograpers and journalists from the press.

There was an extremely small group of protesters outside the front doors with a banner but I don’t know who they were or where they came from!

Anyway, thst’s enough politics, I’ll let you get bored with the television news and the newspapers. Now who can I rant against tomorrow… I know…


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