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Free Business Cards

I have seen VistaPrint several times on the web and recently, as I had a need for personal cards as well as business cards, thought I would give them a try with their “free” business cards offer.

The first thing I learn is, 250 cards really are free. You just pay £3.49 for carriage. Their descriptive blurb is:

“What’s the difference between our Free Business Cards and our Premium Business Cards?”

“There is no difference at all in terms of product quality. Both give you professional quality, CMYK process printing on heavy, 80 lb. card stock. Free Business Cards come with the VistaPrint logo printed on the backside. Premium Business Cards come without the VistaPrint logo. Free Business Cards give you 30 design choices. Premium Business Cards give you 300 design choices plus customization features and options, including rearranging text, changing fonts, printing on the backside and uploading a logo or photo.”

“VistaPrint makes this free trial offer available to you because we are confident that you will find our cards to be an appropriate representation for your business. We hope that you will think of us for all of your business printing needs. Want to test us out? Give it a shot. We know you’ll be sold. Try our business cards free now.”

Card design

So I tried them, and was impressed. I didn’t pay the extra to have the advert removed and it is very small on the back of the card. One line across the card with the text in about 6 point.

One thing I will point out at this stage is this is just one of thirty free designs. If you buy the cards, the thirty increases to three hundred! Another important thing is, the above are the type size and styles for each line but you can change the information. I have my own name instread of “Company Name”, and my e-mail address instead of my “Full Name” in fact I don’t think I have put one single piece of information where they indicate it should go!

The cards are no good for the professional man’s business but if like me, you use it to publicise your blog and website, and use it for a home card, then it is ideal. It is ideal for people who are in the trades, dealing with homes.

I prefer RCS PLC for my business cards. RCS print 250 cards, full colour for £25.74 and 20% more if you want black on white on the reverse. Let’s face it, all that potential advertising space going to waste. They also offer full colour on the reverse but that is overkill! You also need to create your design on your own design software and e-mail it to them for this low price.

But that’s enough of RCS, this is about VistaPrint. Do go to their website, the link is just below my signout.



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