MakePovertyHistory Committee

I watched on the TV news yesterday when Nelson Mandela came out of retirement to give a speech about Third World Countries being poverty stricken and that it was as bad as Apartheid.

Nelson Mandela

Well, like Mandela, I am from Africa, and like Mandela I also feel for the lack of resources so many Africans command. So many of their leaders have all the money, salted away in Swiss Bank Accounts and the vast mass of their subjects, who are decent, honest people, are poverty stricken and, indeed, starving.

But, as sincere as I am sure this group is, they are not going to get the public behind them if so many of the third world keep sniping at the United States and Britain. This needs to be addressed if they want the “silent majority” to lend a hand in persuading our leaders to take action.

There should be a two pronged assault; the first at the Western Governments but a second assault on the third world governments to ask their leaders, not necessarily to stop any criticism where such criticism is due, but to stop immediate knee-jerk reactions against the West, and to be calm and measured when they do give criticism, when such criticism is really merited.

Of course, they can ignore such advice, but they shouldn’t be surprised if such worthwhile organisations fighting on their behalf don’t get anywhere.

Link to the MakePovertyHistory Committee after my sign-out below.


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