Doing a deal

There is a lot of satisfaction in handling a good deal where everyone wins. Sometimes that can be exceedingly difficult. Especially if money is not the commodity used. Sometimes one needs to do a three or even four way deal. These are more satisfying. Especially if you at “A” and want what “D” has, but “D” wants what “C” has.

So you exchange goods with “B” who is satisfied with the deal. You are also happy as you now have what “C” wants. After exchanging with “C” you can go to “D” and exchange goods. Everybody wins, everyone is happy.

In my younger days I used to do a lot of these sorts of deals and it gave me such satisfaction. Now this doesn’t happen quite so much. But I still love to deal, whether it is taking photographs of events in return for product or services, or even little personal deals.

My advice is, always make sure that everyone wins. It is all very well being a smart alec and “doing the dirty” on people. And if you don’t mind being hated and having the word get round so you lose out on future deals because nobody will trust you, then don’t read any further.

But if you stick to the win-win sort of deals, people will come to trust you, and you will make more money in the longer term, without making a whole stream of enemies who will work behind the scenes to see you down.

Honesty is a good policy, especially if you have a bad memory! But even if you have a good memory, it is easier to walk through life if you give the other fellow a helping hand, rather than stamping on him when he is down.

Here is a little exercise. You go into a shop and the shop-keeper gives you a good deal and you are happy. You may tell your neighbour, and maybe a friend about this shop.

You go to another shop and the shop assistant sells you a dud. You take it back and he laughs and says tough! How many people will you tell? Or let’s put it another way… how many dozens of people will you warn?

Forget the moral goodness of being homest, it makes bloody good economic sence in business, or in one’s private life… doesn’t it?


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