Inkjet printers

This is getting ridiculous! I was about to pay a couple of hundred on a new printer because I wanted one that would print on CDROMs and DVD blanks.

Epson R800 inkjet printer with eight cartridges!

This was the Epson R800. I learned, fortunately before I purchased it, that it would take eight ink cartridges, costing over £90! I had a moan on Cix (an ISP with internal conferencing) about this and was told that I was lucky not to have bought the 4000!

“Indeed! The initial ink charge of the 4000 when you set it up consumes £140-worth of ink, so you need replacement carts almost immediately.”

So thankful for small mercies I suppose.

What is sad is that I don’t have much of a choice with Epson. Either it is the R800 (decent) printer with eight cartidges, or the R200 or R300, very cheap, using four cartridges and that’s the lot if you want to print on CD blanks.

Canon Pixma iP5000 inkjet printer with five cartridges

So I decided to look elsewhere and the best printer I could find at around the £200 mark was the Pixma i5000 from Canon. This takes five cartridges, but I have sourced these for a low price of under £20 the five. A lot better than just over £90 for eight! I bought the printer over the Internet from Comet for a reduced price of £139 including VAT and Delivery.

I reproduce some of the blurb from their brochure below, after deleting all the superlatives!


* Photo quality printer with 1pl ink drop size

* 9600 x 2400 dpi

* Dual paper trays, integral duplex unit

* Up to 25 ppm mono & 17 ppm colour

* PictBridge-ready for direct photo printing

* Efficient Single Ink system

Print at up to 25 pages per minute in mono and 17 ppm in colour. Or enjoy borderless printing on 4 x 6″, 5 x 7″ and A4 sizes.

An integral duplex unit provides two-sided printing to cut your paper costs considerably. Dual paper trays allow easy multi-path feeding for both photo and plain paper. Plus you can print onto compatible CD-R and DVD discs.

Print photos from your camera – without a computer. The iP5000 supports PictBridge, the standard for direct photo printing from compatible digital cameras.

Transparent ink tanks for all colours can be replaced individually.

Windows & Mac compatible

You may not believe it but all I deleted were superlatives, duplication and unneccessary words, and have reduced the blurb by a darn site more than a half!

It’s no wonder printers have come down so much in price. HP, Epson and Canon, to name but three, are not in the printer business – they are in the ink supply business! I only await the free printer next! Yes, probably with fifteen colour inkjet cartridges and five different black ones!

Oh yes, Canon also make a printer that uses eight cartridges! But, dear reader, you knew that – didn’t you?


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