A blog a day.

Keeps the stress and pressure away…

This isn’t as easy as it looks and, if some of my rants seem a little underplayed… what was that dear reader? Did you really mean to be so coarse?

As I was saying before I was rudely interupted, if some of my blogs seem to be a little underplayed, it is because pressures of work sometimes make it difficult to spend too much time thinking, planning, searching for pictures and then writing the blog.

What’s that? Don’t write every day? No! That would be an easy way out. If I force myself to have a rant every day I not only get it out of my system, but it trains me to write, at the drop of a hat – and also gets me more ‘au fait’ with Google – as if I am not enough anyway!

When I was a journalist in the fifties I remember an old hack – he must have been nearly as old as I am now – saying to me that a good article must have a hook. A hook is a device at the beginning of an article that holds the whole article together. Like most advice, I try and follow it when I think about it, but don’t always think about it very often.

However, I have only been doing this for a couple of months or so, and am finding it easier to think of things to write about as time goes by. As time goes by? I could write a blog about that!

Like this week. A colleague in the Midlands ordered three lenses for me from the Bristol Camera Shop. Two of them were in stock and were delivered the next day. But the middle range zoom, the most important of them all, was unavailable as Sigma had not made it with the Minolta threading. This is a new lens and the Minolta thread isn’t released for two months after the Canon and Nikon threadings.

Now Bristol Cameras knew this was important to me and last Friday told me it was coming via Special Delivery and that I would get it on Monday. Well Monday arrived and I get a call from my colleagure in the Midlands. The lens had been delivered to the Invoice address, and not the delivery address. So I have to pay extra carriage and wait an extra day.

And guess what? Pam rang me when I was on the tube, off to another event, to say it had arrived, three minutes after I had left home! And, I could have used it yesterday morning!

Here’s one I took earlier, of the beautiful German frauline

No big deal you may say, but I was to photograph Christine, a beautiful German frauline of nineteen on Monday morning and she has now returned home – sans photographs.

My wife? I am sure she is secretely pleased!

And you, dear reader, will be pleased as well! The men out of jealousy and the ladies because you think I am just a dirty old man!

But you are so wrong, I am just an innocent photographer!


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