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Using 09xxx numbers in TV programs

This evening the News program asked people to ring an 09xxx number (premium rate number) to say whether they were interested, or not, about Charles marrying Camilla.

I can reliably inform you, dear reader, that you will hear the opinions of either stupid people who don’t mind wasting an extortionate rate to ring the BBC, or totally dishonest people who are thieving 10p from their employers to make the call.

No wonder not many people in London are voting in Charles and Camilla’s favour. The heartland of London has always been left wing, and the more intelligent people of London are refusing to pay high phone charges to make the vote in the first place!

Also, it dependes on the way you phrase a question. “Do you think that Charles should marry the woman he has loved all his life” will get a different reaction to “Do you think it is fair to the memory of poor Diane to have the Prince marry the woman who broke up their marriage?”

Let’s face it, whatever poll you read about, it is entirely the way the question is phrased which depends on the result you get. No poll is worth reading unless you can also read the way the question has been phrased.



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Technology for Marketing – at Olympia

MfT exhibition hall at Olympia

I covered the “Technology for Marketing” exhibition at Olympia on Tuesday. And have to admit that it was a little disappointing. I mean, any exhibition with “marketing” in the title should be white-hot in all things to do with marketing.

They should know, for instance, that you do not feature your company name on your stand. These people have lost track of the basic premise in business and marketing. This is to “define your objective”.

You are exhibiting in a hall full of other exhibitors. What is your major objective? To sell your goods? No! To sell your name? No!

It is to get the busy, harrassed executive, to climb onto your stand.

Once you get him there (him because woman executives are never harrassed) and find out what he wants and what you can help him with – then is the time to give him your business card so he knows who you are! Bu get his card first! Also you need to define your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) so you can show you have something different thus attracting even more people to your stand.

Marking lady at MfT Exhibition She was a “real” marketeer.

On the whole, although quite a few stands did show themselves properly, the overall result was very disappointing. And being a marketing exhibition there were many beautiful ladies with rather large err… eyes. Surely by now, these marketing types have realised that a busy executove doesn’t come to these hell halls (pun intended) to look at girls! Mind you, some of the professionals looked much nicer as in the above photograph.

They want the facts Ma’m, just the facts!


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