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IKEA for caviar?

Clammering to get in! London – Brent

Yes, I discovered a year or so ago that IKEA not only do self-assembly furniture. They have a mini-supermarket just past the furniture checkout at the Brent store on London’s North Circular. No doubt many other IKEA stores also have a mini-supermarket – but phone first in case they don’t!

They have a large assortment of Swedish food and drink and there are one or two items my wife, Pam and I are particularly fond off.

An IKEA purchase for the Taylor household – Photo by Andrew Taylor

First of all, coffee! The price has been creeping up of late but when we first started buying it, it was £1.00 for 250 grams (or £4 a kilo). Then the price rose to £1.15 and now it is £1.25 for 250 grams. Still cheap when you consider Tesco would charge up to £2.80 for the same size packet.

The coffee comes in Medium and strong flavours. Although the wording is in Swedish the packets have a diagram to show the strength. There is a red label on the strong packets and a green label on the medium packets in case you can’t see the chart!

The packets are completely sealed so whenever we make the trip we buy up to six kilos at a time (24 packets). We also like their brand of “pickled sliced small cucumbers” Pam particularly likes them because they are slightly sweeter than the normal jars we buy in our own shops.

My particular favourite is the “Swedish Caviar”. This looks like the real thing but is only £1.15 for a 50 gram tub. Real caviar could cost up to £100 for the same size!

But apart from our favourites there are hundreds of exciting items, including summer drinks, winter meatballs, and all year round Swedish Vodka and beer, then there are my favourite rusks and biscuits to kill for.

The real problem is, of course, that once you have fought your way around the furniture displays, bought your cabinets, collected them from the shelves, and queued to pay, the last thing you want to do is look at the Supermarket when you have huge trolleys laden up with timber.

But it is worth it. When you have loaded up your car, come back to the store, sit down and enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the cafeteria, or if it is lunchtime, try one of their delicious meals. Then, when you are a little more relaxed, go down to the supermarket, grab a trolley, and buy a few months supply of coffee, and try some of the other treats they have in store.



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