Why I became a Conservative.

My mother was very left-wing and thought the workers should rise up and take over all the businesses. Even at fifteen years of age I thought she was foolish to say the least.

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My leanings were to the Labour party but I was a working lad (I was well under fifteen when I left school) so I sat down and tried to reason things through. Everyone at Labour meetings were constantly going on about helping the working man and decrying “evil business”.

I decided to attend a few Conservative meetings and there I didn’t hear a lot about the working man, but I did learn that they were the party to help businesses to grow. I also met some “Young Conservatives” and learned a lot from them. Yes, there were a few “Hooray Henrys” there, but on the whole I found the arguments good common sence.

I mean, I wanted a country with plenty of jobs. I wanted a Government who helped businesses grow. I didn’t want to work for the government as I saw how working in the Civil Service tended to destroy the souls of the few I know who were Civil Servants.

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I reasoned that the Conservatives would be the ones who would put in place a formula to create jobs so I voted for them. And, although – in general – I wasn’t too happy about it, I voted for them time and time again as all I was interested in were jobs! This carried on until I saw what had been done by their taking us into the EU.

Now I have decided that I would never vote Conservative again until everyone now an MP who voted for any of the treaties or for any bill that took us in further, was dead and buried. As I am now 65 I would hazard a guess that I will never vote Conservative again. I feel so strongly about this that if Edward Heath is buried, rather than cremated, I would have to restrain myself from urinating on his grave!

The Labour party that my mother voted for is no more. And neither is the Conservative Party that I last voted for anything like the party I joined in the late fifties.


I switched my allegiance to the UK Independence Party and became very disillusioned with them when certain elements started taking control of the party. The main contender having been photographed more than once with high-ups in the National Front (or whatever they call themselves these days).

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I have switched to Veritas and can live with Kilroy–Silk’s tan – I would also have one if I had a villa in Spain! I liked his track record, especially only taking nineteen days to build up the UK Independence Party so that they increased their MEPs from three to twelve!

Two journalists did research on him when he was a Labour Party MP and, to give them their due, when they found there was nothing to trap him with, they did admit that his (K-S) views have been consistant for the last few decades. That is a politician I can vote for.

I hope, however, that he will look carefully at what is important for the ordinary man in the street. This is “Jobs” and the education to be able to get them! But unlike both New Labour and the New Conservatives, not help the huge corporations who look only for profits and have no interest in the welfare of our country, or in fact, any country.

Please, Mr Kilroy-Silk, help the smaller companies shed their barrel-load of red tape. Put in place a scheme where the highest number of jobs are taken for the previous year, and any extra workers over that “high” number employed the following year do not attract any Employers NI for a year, or even longer. Have a ceiling of 100 or even 200 employees where this no longer applies. Once they go over the threshold of employees they are too large to need the taxpayers helping hand and are on their way to being a Corporate! This will create extra jobs in all industries, and of all types, throughout the land!

And please help lower paid individuals to save. Simplify ISA’s or whatever they have now. Or do away with them. Alter tax breaks so workers can save for retirement in portable pension plans, getting 100% tax relief on their savings providing they save at least 10% of their salary every month.

This will not only provide a country of happy retired people, but the money saved can be used to create more prosperity in our islands.

On the whole I am not eager to promote private education, neither do I rest easily with private health care. But there are two important considerations here.

First, education. The government claim that comprehensive schools are every bit as good as public schools. But the perception, especially of employers, is very different. This means that public schoolchildren get the cream of the jobs every time. Some tax incentive to help working class parents send their children to public school may help ensure that working class children get and hold down the better positions in life.

Secondly there is health care. No matter how much the “Left” scream“priviledge”, people with “health care insurance” do ease the pressure from the National Health. However, unlike education, here I would suggest both a carrot and a stick. A carrot for the voter, tax relieve on his “health care” insurance, and a stick for the powerful “health care” corporations, a swinging tax if they don’t have proper training schemes for nurses and doctors. Make them do their fair share of training so the public can see they are not stealing employees from our National Health Service. If you help them by offering to help their customers, you can have the moral authority to punish them for stealing our doctors and nurses!

These are radical ideas, but they could be vote winners. Also, it should be born in mind that these are just brainstorming ideas. If they help in enabling policy makers to come up with better policies, then great!


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