Exhibition Marketing

I attended the International Direct Marketing Fair this morning and was amazed at how little people involved with marketing knew the correct way to market a stand at an exhibition.

First of all, how not to do it. And to be fair to this company, I only used them as an example because their stand lent itself to a good photograph!

Wegener DM’s stand – Photo by Andrew Taylor

Can anyone spot what is wrong with it? Not obvious at first. But imagine you are walking down the aisles. Unless you are already a client and wanted to talk to them, what is there to encourage you to step onto the stand? Now look at the following stand…

Apteco’s stand – Photo by Andrew Taylor

What do these people do? It’s glaringly obvious. They write software to help a business analyse their marketing operation. So someone who has never heard of the company will step on the stand if they feel the services offered could be of interest.

I saw some really awful stands at the exhibition and very very few great ones. Something I though was unbelievable in a large group of companies selling marketing services of some sort or the other.

But there was one stand where I dallied and, quite frankly, I unhesitantly gave it full marks…

Andrew’s last stand – Photo by Andrew Taylor

Alas they didn’t have a glass large enough!


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