2012 Olympics

Can we hold them in London? The short answer is No!

There are some, in fact quite a few, who want us to hold them and then there are most of the pensioners in London who have been “council” taxed up to the eyeballs and just cannot afford the extra £200 that Ken wants them to pay towards the games.

But it is not a question of Ken’s wishes, or even the peoples wishes. If we hold the games, there are certain events that will be forbidden by law to be held in these islands.

As someone, quite rightly, wrote in the Letters page of the Daily Telegraph recently;

“Under the 1997 Firearms Act, the women’s 25m pistol, the men’s 25m rapid-fire pistol and the men’s 50m pistol competitions are all currently illegal on British soil.

Womans 25 metre Pistol event

So unless there is a new act of parliament allowing these events to take place, it will be illegal to hold them here.

I am sure Tony Blair’s government will fudge it but the interesting thing will be, “What will the Conservatives do” in the unlikely event that they will be in power in 2012?

Since Tony Blair promised to get rid of all guns in Britain, the few sportsmen who lost their guns have made no difference to the number. The beginning of an article Killings Rise As three Million Illegal Guns Flood Britain which was written by Jon Ungoed-Thomas reads:

UP TO 3m illegal guns are in circulation in Britain, leading to a rise in drive-by shootings and gangland-style executions, new figures have revealed.

Police are concerned that the amnesty after the massacre of schoolchildren in Dunblane in 1996, which led to 200,000 weapons being handed in, has failed to dent the underworld’s supply of pistols and revolvers. Criminals have maintained a steady flow of smuggled guns from eastern Europe, exhibition weapons reactivated in illegal “factories” run by underworld dealers, and guns stolen from private collections.

The estimate that 3m guns are illegally held in the UK – made by researchers collecting evidence for a parliamentary inquiry into the gun trade – is far higher than previously thought. The vast stockpiles of weapons have fuelled the recent spate of shootings in cities including London, Birmingham and Manchester, where a 17-year-old was killed last week.

The full article may be read from here.

It will be interesting to see what unfolds here. My guess is that they will probably ignore the law and tell the police to do nothing, I doubt whether they will debate in Parliament so they can add a section allowing the present firearms act to be amended so that “olympic” standard events may be held in this country.

Anyway, time will tell.

One law for the rich (or in this case, the powerful politicians) and one law for the poor.


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