I’m a planner

Always have been. My wife and I hold monthly family meetings where we even produce accounts and budgets.

What a bore I hear you say, but let me tell you one thing… we owe nothing on our credit cards, neither do we owe anybody anywhere any money. And I am very pleased to say that I have not paid anyone a penny interest on anything as long as I can remember.

Table Mountain from Blauwberg Strand

My wife and I are off to the Western Cape on holiday in April for three weeks. My old friend from Nottingham is going to join is for the middle week and I am now planning our trip in a spreadsheet.

There is a very good eating out website which covers the whole of South Africa and I am planning our meals for the duration. There are fantastic restaurants out there where you can eat for between 80.00 and 150.00 a head, plus wines which run from 40.00 to 250.00 a bottle depending on what and where you buy. Oh, and if this seems expensive to you, I have two comments to make. The first is the amounts are in Rands which are around 10.80 to the pound! The second is, these are the top class restaurants. You can actually eat and drink for much less. Say a two course meal for two with a bottle of wine for not much over £10.00.

These are expensive holidays, £2,000 just for the flight, car hire and holiday flat, then there is the petrol, eating, drinking and presents. So it pleases me that I have managed to let my house out to a friend from New Zealand for the whole three weeks and he has offered me twice as much as I wanted! If he reads this and knocks me down, I will accept. He will read this and he won’t knock me down! He is generous to a fault. 😉

A Duiker (24 inch long, fully grown deer) – Photo by Andrew Taylor

Anyway I will arrange lunch at a couple of vineyards for the friend who is joining us, and we will go to George for a couple of nights. The first of those days wull be spent in Knysna which is beautiful and I want to show him the duikers (fully grown small deer only 24 inches long) in the Duiker reserve the other side of the bay.

And the second day we’ll go to the Ostrich town of Oudtshoorn where he can see people riding ostriches.

Very heterosexual cheetahs– Photo by Andrew Taylor

And there is an animal farm where he can stroke the cheetahs. There are notices that say “Don’t make any sudden movements and don’t touch the cheetahs around their anal zone!” The mind boggles!

Cango Caves in Oudtshoorn

Then in the afternoon before returning to George we will visit the world famous Cango Caves.

But the rest of the time we will be between Stellenbosch, which when children we used to call it Smellie, although the Afrikaans locals call it Stellie, and Cape Town where we will go up the cable car to the top of Table Mountain and walk around the famous Victoria and Alfred Docks.

I will be taking the camera and will probably take well over 1,500 photographs – maybe as many as 100 plus each day. But when we get back I will work hard at reducing them to around fifty or a hundred. Alas I will probably bore you silly with tales of derring do. No! I will not touch the cheetahs where I shouldn’t!


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