Am I being vindictive?

I was listening to the news last night about a mental patient who had killed three people and after just a few years was released into the community.

He returned to the mental hospital voluntarily, presumedly because he thought he was a risk to people, but they let him wander in and out of the hospital, completely freely.

He killed again and the person in charge of the hospital came out with the old bloody “We have put in place a system where this couldn’t happen again!”

Am I being unfair when I say that someone responsible in that mental hospital should not only be fired from his post, but must never be allowed into such a position again?

We are surrounded by terrible things happening in high places and all we ever hear is “We have put in place a system where this couldn’t happen again!”

I am sick and tired of hearing this phrase, or similar phrases. And, whenever you hear a spokesman say this you instinctively know that nobody is going to be punished!

Let’s face it, think of your own circumstances, no matter what your job is. If you knew that no matter how many fatal errors you made, you’d keep your job, would you be as consciencious as you would be if you knew that, not only would you lose your job, but you would never be able to get another in at same sector that you were trained to work in?


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