The truth will out.

Growth League in 2004

Whilst our currency is not controlled by the EU we continue to prosper. Why, oh why, do our masters insist on ever closer union from these hopelessly economic countries who, between them, couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery – let alone raise theor enconomies to the level of the US, UK or Canada! You notice I said “masters” and not “servants”? I wonder what made me do that!

Edmund Conway wrote yesterday:

Faster UK leaves euro-zone trailing

THE disparity between the booming Anglo-Saxon economies and the eurozone was confirmed yesterday by figures showing that the UK is growing at its fastest rate since the turn of the millennium and the US is enjoying its fastest growth in five years.

Britain’s economy expanded by 0.7pc in the second quarter, according to the Office for National Statistics. This meant it grew by 3.1pc in 2004.

Now take another look at the illustration above and ask yourself… are we doing better “going it alone” or would we be better off having the bureaucrats running our enconmy from Brussels.

We have to take an interest in the vote on the new Constitution next year! And, we must all turn out to vote. We must do better than the Spanish where only 42% of the population bothered to turn out to vote. A lot is being made of their “yes” vote but if we look at the figures, only 76.5% of 42% voted “yes” or in real terms, the vote was carried by only 32% of the population.

That means only 32 Spaniards out of every hundred thought the EU was worth turning out to vote yes for.

James Chapman a political correspondent yesterday wrote:

THE new EU constitution was heralded as the `birth certificate of the United States of Europe’ last night.

The Tories seized on the remark – made by a leading German politician saying it shattered once and for all the Downing Street myth of the document being merely a `tidying-up exercise’.

Hans Martin Bury, Germany’s Europe minister, said the constitution was more than just a `milestone’.

‘I think it is the birth certificate of the United States of Europe,’ he said during a debate in the German Bundestag. ‘It is not the end point of integration, but the framework for as it says in the preamble – an ever closer union.’

His remarks contradicted those of Jack Straw, who claimed earlier this month that the constitution would mark an end to the-transfer of British sovereignty to Brussels.

What do you think of this, dear reader?


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